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John Potocki - Hair Designer - Colorist - Salon Owner

John is the owner/operator of Salon Milton and h
as been in the hair industry for over 25 years. His career really blossomed in 1983 when he traveled to New York City to the Jacob Javits Center New York Hair Show. It was there that he discovered Aveda and its founder, Horst Rechelbacher. Aveda was the American pioneer of environmentally focused sustainable products and the master of essential oiled, non-synthetic fragrance creations.

In 1984, John became Aveda's first East Coast educator, traveling in five states—Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, Delaware, and the District of Columbia—for over 17 years. After traveling and working in an Aveda Concept Salon, he decided to regroup and focus all of his energies on his own salon. As he traveled, he always put away ideas as to what he would or would not do when he finally opened his own salon. These ideas included types of service and equipment, as well as lighting and product displays and the personality of the salon.

A few misled attempts at Salon Real Estate and 09/11 brought him to a special town that he had discovered over a decade ago, Milton, Delaware. He purchased a Victorian-style, Gothic house built in c.1875 by the Megee brothers, ship captains of their time. When you visit, note the scrollwork ship's wheels. Thus, welcome to Salon Milton.


Now, a bit about his work: In his cutting, he tends to look closely at the natural growth patterns of his clients’ hair. He prefers cuts that speak for themselves by flowing effortlessly; thus, many of his cuts are achieved by setting them up like a flow of dominos. The execution falls easily into place, and daily styling is achieved with a minimal amount of time, product and effort. His color work preference is a natural look. He uses his intuition to tell him where to place the foils and at what thickness. He dislikes the weave look that some stylists achieve where the client looks as if they have gone through a foil placement machine. He also selects hair colors by completion and eye color, including the depth of the natural eye color. A hue on a person with dark brown eyes can be much different than that of someone with light brown eyes. He loves working with hair color and texture and prefers to do his own combined cutting, coloring, styling, and texture.


John’s desire is to have clients feel at home in his salon when dropping by to purchase a product or receive a service. He invites clients to feel free to communicate their experiences to him, relax, make themselves at home and enjoy their environment at Salon Milton.

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